Say What?!?

My wife and I were relaxing watching TV on this wonderful Friday afternoon, when our four year old, Seth, burst into the living room freaking out. He shouts,”YOU HAVE TO COME HELP!!! THEY ARE PUTTING IN A SCARY MOVIE AND I DON’T LIKE IT! IT HAS A BLACK PERSON AND IT’S SCARY!!!”

I went to check out the “scary” movie. It was Meet the Robinsons. He was scared of the man in the bowler hat…who DRESSES in all black. Too funny!


The face of fear.

As a parent, you have to learn the art of masking laughter. There’s pretending to be in deep thought and bowing your head. There’s turning your laugh into a fake cough. Maybe you have other methods. Would love to hear them.

But sometimes you are so caught off guard and you totally lose it. You can’t help but laugh out loud. Today was one of those. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Say What?!?

  1. Font you just love these moments! I can never help myself, I always laugh! After my kids watched Zathura my son who was about 4 also thought he would try a line from the movie. Imagine my surprise when he says to my mother in law, “get me a juice box bee-otch!” ya could not disguise a cough there.

  2. Kids give us observations in their most purest forms, don’t they? Thanks for sharing this one with us.

    On another note, I enjoy reading your blog so much that I’m giving you the Liebster Blogging Award. It was given to me by another blogger and in the interest of paying it forward to those whom I think deserve some well-deserved recognition, I’m giving it to you. Check out the details on my post at:

    Thanks for your posts. I’ve been enjoying them and look forward to more of blogs in the future!

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